Good morning everyone! Sorry for the delay in getting some new things up for all you kidd-ohs to enjoy. Me and the boys were workin’ on Huey’s rod to get it ready for the big drag last night. All is well now, so please be ready for even MORE content to come. We want to let everyone know that we have found another finkster just as weird as we are and we have talked him into helping us with the blog (after much canoodling and torture I might add) HA! So without further delay please give a hearty Goodness welcome to your friend and mine FinkChuck! Most of you know him by his human counterpart name Chuck Darnell, and we are very pleased to have him on board as valuable addition to the team. If you are not familiar with Chuck and his work, feel free to google him and check out his models that are scattered across the web. With many plastic kits under his belt, we know that he will be a most welcomed member to The Goodness team. We have decided to allow comments on this post so everyone can welcome Chuck to the family, so say your hellos and let Chuck your glad he’s joined the team.

One last thing before we sign off… If any of you modelers out there are looking for some nice colored 28g wire in a variety of colors, Wal-Mart has a 12 pack of different colored craft wire for about $8. Lots of cool colors to trick out that detailed motor your working on. Just check the craft aisle and let the imagination run!

Well folks, until next time…keep it finky and keep on roddin’! Gorilla Out!



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All right boys and girls, the big day has arrived! Today officially begins the Weird-Ohs/Taco Bell promotion! THEY’RE BACK! And to kick it all off,  your good friends here at The Goodness have your first look. Enjoy the tasty treats finksters, and then shoot over to the Jungle Jym news desk for the full story. Thanks for joining us today.  Gorilla Out!

Package Shot Skateboard Shot

Stickers Shot Group Shot

Well kidd-ohs, it looks like we have a lot to talk about today.  First off…HAPPY SUNDAY FUNDAY!

Alright, all that aside… We’ve been having some technical problems getting the next wave of checklists and database entries loaded up so please stand by for all those this week.  Also we want to remind everyone that tomorrow is a big announcement day for the Weird-Ohs family. Your old pal Gorilla here has some very exciting collector news that he can’t wait to share with all you finks.  But alas, we have been sworn to secrecy about it and can’t spill the beans just yet.  So make sure to come back tomorrow for the big news!

Alrighty then, next up on the list is a story about something dear to all of our hearts…but we’ll let the Monkey Man tell ya all about that. So let’s go over to the news desk and find out what’s hoppin’! Marty, take it away!

June 23rd post

Posted: June 23, 2010 in JibbaJabba

Well hello kiid-ohs…just to let everyone know we will have several new checklists and the beginning of the “history” section to be published over the next few days. We want to apologize that it has taken this long to get some new content up, but it was the weekend…and we are only one fink…for the moment.

So to reiterate a previous statement and request, if you have any interest and desire to help with the development of this blog/website…please let us know as we welcome all contributions.

So until tomorrow…Stay finky and plenty weird.

The Goodness v1.2

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Well just to update everyone on some of the developments surrounding The Goodness. Things are rolling along nicely here at the Gorilla Fink blog…
We have a new Facebook fan page.
We have begun work on more content; compiling history, checklists, links, and more…all to be published within the next few weeks.
…and last but not least we are in the process of finalizing some very exciting “exclusive” news. Yes, we know that was just enough to whet your appetite. Sorry…stay tuned!

Please check back often for updates, or better yet…Subscribe (in the left bar) and get updates by email!

Large Rat fink face WeirdOhs image

This being the first installment of this blog I guess I should explain what it’s all about…

This particular site will be devoted to fans and collectors of the obscure “monster hot rod”  models, toys, and memorabilia of the 1950’s & 60’s all the way to the present offerings. With it’s beginnings in the Ed “Big Daddy” Roth Rat Fink characters and the Weird-Ohs models by Bill Campbell, the “monster hot rod” culture was, and still is, an incredible union of two timeless pop cultures. So if your a collector of the cool, a model buildin’ mama, or just a fan of the grusome goofyness…Don’t be a square! Hang out and see the sights! Ya digg?

Plans for this project include:

  • An in-depth history and background of the “monster hot rod” movement with artists and company bios
  • A database of products (models, cards, toys, etc…) including manufacture information
  • Informative articles, How-To’s, an events calender, and much more!

As this is a new blog, it will take time to compile information, pictures, and articles…so please be patient. If you have any interest in contributing in any way to the development of this project, please don’t hesitate to contact me.